Polymer Clay, Precious Metal Clay and Beading Instructional Videos
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Jana Roberts Benzon has a diverse artistic background which includes fiber arts, watercolor, beadwork and various modeling compounds, but nothing has captured her creative spirit like polymer clay. Jana has been published in Art Jewelry Magazine, Step by Step Beads Magazine, Belle Armoire Magazine, and Polymer Café Magazine, among others, and teaches polymer clay workshops internationally. She lives and creates (and loves to hike ) from her home and studio close to the Wasatch Mountains in Salt Lake City

Jana's Website: www.janarobertsbenzon.com/
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Arabesque Caning
Learn to create intricate and mesmerizing “Arabesque” canes. Jana teaches you how to successfully build and put together the ‘puzzle pieces’ of an Arabesque cane, while teaching many new and innovative caning techniques which will spill over into all of your polymer clay work.
Run Time: 122 Mins
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Secret Shapes Inro
Learn to create polymer clay inros (a wearable vessel originating from the Far East) in a variety of shapes using a new and ingenious technique that will leave others mystified as to how you created its unique shape! In this DVD, Jana will guide you from initial construction through finishing, which includes instruction on achieving a glassy finish without the use of varnishes or glazes and with little or no buffing.
Run Time: 101 Mins 
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Beyond 2D Dimension Jewelry
Learn how to create three different jewelry pieces, all styled after Jana’s signature designs using polymer clay millefiori canes: the “Origami” Pendant, the “Goddess” Pendant, and “Ethnic Tapestry” Earrings. This dimensional jewelry is lightweight yet sturdy (Jana teaches tricks for creating super strong pieces!), and has a delicate, layered look that invites people to pick up the piece, and examine the alluring hidden spaces and interesting shapes.
This DVD is full of new and innovative tips about reviving old millefiori canes and forming them into various interesting and undulating shapes. In addition, Jana teaches new tips for making uniform cane slices, symmetrical (not lopsided!) pendants, and how to create a “self bail” out of matching millefiori canes so that your pendants are cohesive little works of art!
Run Time: 128 Mins